Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Melon Madness

Melon madness is late this year but is finally happening.  Five more large watermelons picked this morning.  All going in the freezer this evening.  Also a couple of French cantaloupes.  Picked some cute baby patty pans and small yellow crooknecks.  I'll freeze those up tonight, as well.

Cleaned th egoat pen and got them some new straw.

Cleaned the dog crate and the dog igloo and got new straw in both of those.  Ready for our doggy guest.

The weather is gorgeous, mid eighties and cooling off fast at night.  Break time!

It is 7:10 PM and it is already getting dark out.  I have cut up 4 melons and I am working on the last one.  It will be too dark to run the rinds out to the compost pile pretty soon but I needed a break and a cup of coffee so here I am.

Worked on the camping gear.  I feel pretty organized.  We'll see on Thursday when I am putting the finishing touches on the trip.

Got the dishes rolling.  Second load of the day.  Got four loads of laundry washed up and put away but have one or two more left.  Need to sweep and especially mop the kitchen floor and wash those kitchen rugs after several days of sticky melon madness.

Cleaning a house tomorrow.  And then I am officially on vacation for a couple of weeks.  Yeah!!!!!!

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