Friday, September 9, 2011


It is official, I am exhausted.  I cleaned a house today.  When I got home we loaded up the camping gear.  I have an evening to make sure that all is organized.  The neighbor is watching the animals.  I think I will make sure the watering is started and go sit down.  I sure hope I feel rested up by tomorrow morning.

Project Runway was pretty good.  The losing team of designers had a really lame collection of clothes and the winning team had a pretty sharp collection of clothes.  The losing team was so at each others throats from the moment they got into the challenge.  They could not work together.  They also had really boring fabrics.  Each team got to design fabrics that then got printed onto cloth.  The losing teams fabrics were dreary.  Becky got sent home wince she had the worst and least creative look on the runway.

Watering the East Side Windbreak over night.  Watered the Fruit Tree Zone for a couple of hours since I will be delaying watering by one day.  Watered the Front Zone for a couple of hours.  Will water the Back Zone before we take off for the day, tomorrow

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