Monday, September 12, 2011


It is dark out and the rain has been falling for at least an hour.  The air is cool and clean and the smell of damp sagebrush fills my yard.  Rain is such a joy when you live in the desert.

I worked on the shed again today.  I got the 2x4 trim up on the back side of the shade cover.  I got the facia up underneath the rafters of the backside of the shade cover as well.  The north side was a bit of a challenge but I finally got the under mounted facia cut and notched in all the right places and I got it up.

I decided it wouldn't rain so I got the base coat on the east side trim and the north side rafters and facia.  Hope it dried enough before the rain came in!!!!!  We'll find out tomorrow, won't we?

I moved some more compost and I am finally almost done with that project.  I have been watering it twice a day in its new spot in the veggie garden.  A lot of didn't compost since I just couldn't keep it wet this summer.  I am trying to keep it very wet while we still have some warm days left to get it all composting.

The poor goats have no straw and I am planning on putting down some concrete to keep the wind from eating out a trench on the sides so I still don't want to put any straw in there.  Maybe I will try to get the concrete done tomorrow.  It is a lot of work but it would be nice to be done and then I could make sure the pen is cleaned out and looking good before we go hunting.

The pen also needs some more T-posts but that is Hubby's job and so far it isn't getting done.  Let's hope he starts getting motivated soon.  I don't want the goats getting out while we are goane.  We have a friend staying at the house and it isn't fair to them to have to do repairs while they are here.

I am watering the Northside Windbreak overnight.

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