Sunday, August 7, 2011


Went to Home Depot and I got my money back from the extra box of screws they charged me for.  I also, of course, bought some 2x4's, caulking, expandable foam and 5 bags of fence post concrete.  Prices are up at the home improvement store but what can you do?    At least I am just about done with this project.  Maybe I should start calling that the home impoverishment store?

I stopped by Costco and got some bacon and some provolone cheese while I was in town.  I decided to get the memory foam  mattress topper after all.  Yes, it is almost $100 with the coupon off but the lady I talked to last time I was there was satisfied with the product.  It is a lot cheaper than buying a mattress especially since the only thing wrong with that mattress is way too hard.  Mom and Dad gave that mattress to us several years ago so I call the topper a bargain if it makes the bed usable.

I would kind of like to try sleeping in that room in the summer since you get a breeze right on you from the window.  The room we are sleeping in now has an East facing window and no direct airflow  and it feels hot in there.  Also, the fan in that room sucks.  It goes whomp!  whomp! whomp!  We like to say "Saigon, 1972" It is funny but....  I am looking into replacing that fan as I think we have put up with it long enough.  If I keep my eyes open maybe I can get a deal.

Watering the East Side Windbreak overnight.  Watered Back Zone for 2 1/2 hours.

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