Tuesday, August 2, 2011

House Cleaning

The neighbor girl, M, came back today and we did another four hours of cleaning.  This time we got the bedroom, the den and the living room done.

We hung all the curtains I had washed yesterday - living room, dining room, den and office.  We put all the light globes and light bulbs back into all the fans in the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, office and den.

I moved the two night stands and vacuumed behind them early in the morning.  The two of us managed to move the two dressers and M vacuumed the whole area and then helped me move them back.  We knocked down cobwebs and then we hung up the curtains I had washed yesterday.  M vacuumed down the hallway while I moved furniture out of the office and dusted.  She then vacuumed the office including the edges.  M volunteered to put the furniture back into the office.

We moved the couches and chairs in the living room. Then M gave it a thorough vacuuming.  We put everything back. While she was doing the living room I managed to get the light globes back on in the kitchen ceiling lights and I wiped down all the fan blades in the different rooms.

I moved the dining room corner cabinet and boy was it dirty under there.  Maybe I haven't moved it in six years since we got here.  M vacuumed under it and I moved it back.  In the meantime, I moved all the furniture in the den.  Took out all the small stuff and moved the couches towards the middle.  M vacuumed the carpet and then she vacuumed the couches.  I got the stuff moved back into place and then M vacuumed the middle.

We put the freshly washed couch covers back onto the couches along with the freshly washed couch pillows.  We put all the freshly washed furniture scarves back in place, made sure all the lamps and houseplants were back in place and called it a day.

I managed to sweep the kitchen and the back porch breezeway.  I didn't manage to mop so I will be doing that today.

Really am pretty darn tired so I will concentrate on pulling a few weeds, sweeping and mopping the kitchen and fluffing up the bathrooms.  Incredibly, the whole house will be clean, all at once, for a change.  Now I am going to pick one day a week to try to stay on top of it.

I couldn't have done it without the help of the neighbor girl.  To try to get everything done including knocking down cobwebs, polishing furniture, washing all the curtains, rugs, table scarves and pillows was just such a big job.  Deep cleaning means moving the furniture and managing to vacuum thoroughly and then getting all the furniture back into place.  All the pictures and mirrors were cleaned.  All the plants.  I spent part of last week and all of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday cleaning.  I am going to spend several hours cleaning today as well.  I am glad I made the decision to pay someone to help me.  M was thrilled to make $5 per hour and she learned a little bit about cleaning and she got things done without being resentful of being told when she wasn't quite getting it right.

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