Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Watered the North Side Windbreak overnight with fertilizer last night..

Gorgeous morning.

Once I finish my coffee I am going to go out and do some weeding and pick some more beans.  I got  a nice big bowl of strawberries yesterday.  I also picked the Italian beans and they were delicious with the pizza.  I picked yellow wax beans that I will boil up and put in Hubby's lunch.  He said they were fantastic.  I have zuchinnis coming out my ears so I need to cook some of those and maybe just throw some to the goats along with the beans we didn't manage to eat.

 I am hoping to pick some more fillet beans today to go with out dinner tonight.  Looks like the first batch of corn is just about ready.  In a few days we will be eating corn on the cob.  Loving it!!!!  The cukes are starting to have teensey weensey cucumbers so soon we will be eating nice cool cukes.  I grew Asian cukes this year, as well as regular cukes.

My tomatoes are still green.  I am so looking forward to some yummy home gorwn tomatoes so I hope they will be ripening soon!!!!

Just enough fillet beans to have with dinner tonight.  Just enough purple Italian beans to blanche and freeze.  Cooked up yesterday's yellow wax beans for snacks and to put in Hubby's lunch tomorrow.

Went ahead and fertilized the veggie garden today.  Moved the tank to the front 3 zones.  Fertilizing and watering the back zone for two hours, the front zone for two hours and then the East Side Windbreak over night,

I have a fantastically decadent dinner planned with coconut shrimp [yes, I am deep frying them], shoestring french fries from a freezer bag and fresh fillet beans.  Looks like Hubby will be picking up ice cream, whip cream in a can and some syrupy sauces and bananas for a very decadent dessert.  I already have the marachino cherries and the pecans.  I love it when we eat decadently.  And this expensive dinner will still be half the cost of eating out.

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