Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day Off

So, what did I do on my day off?  I had to pick  purple beans since they were getting out of control.  I managed to give some away but there are a lot left.  Pulled weeds to feed the goats.  Fed the dogs.  Closed up the windows and the shutters.  Made sure a little watering got done.

I talked to Hubby and told him if he wants to show me that he loves me he could make sure a few things got done around here.  Guess I feel like he's not doing his part lately.  If I don't speak up this is going to become a bad habit.  So, he checked on the corn, took out the four trash cans with wood scraps in them and loaded the ice chests into the truck for me.  Yeah!!!!

Had to run some veggies over to one of  the neighbors who is trading me eggs for produce.  Pick up the eggs at another neighbors and give them some beans and then, finally, I was off duty. I picked up my friend and we went to lunch at the new Chinese place.  Then we went to the bank and the grocery store.  Home for a nap and now it is time for my favorite TV show.

I threw the goats hay since I don't want to weed, fed the dogs.  I am going to run out and open the shutters, start a cup of coffee and sit down for the rest of the evening!

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