Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I fed the goats left overs from the garden and a few weeds I pulled from out front.  They got quite a few filet beans that we didn't manage to cook up.  Also, Hubby picked some of them really small and the wilted right away.  Some sunflower stalks, some antelope salt bush, some corn stalks, a few pea plants and some of the alfalfa that I cut back in the garden.  Those goats are certainly getting a variety of stuff.

I picked purple beans and got a small basket of them.  I also picked some patty pans and some zukes and one yellow crookneck.

The beans are slowing down considerably.  The Italian beans are done.  I am already feeding the plants to the goats.

A second cup of coffee and a glass of water and I am ready to go out and tackle my shed project.  I  really, really, really want to get this finished up soon!!!  On the other hand I am really tired so I am just going to do what I can today and leave it at that.

Okay, I did work on the shed project.  I have some more to accomplish on Saturday but I need to take tomorrow and Friday off from shed building.  I had an epiphany on the shade cover area.  I think I will build solid pony walls on the bottom four feet.  The West side will then have 2 feet of lattice on the top and the East side will have almost 4 feet of lattice on the top.  I'll do a rolling barn door that is solid so that it is sturdy.  I can do a 12 foot track.  The door will be 8 feet wide and roll open to seven feet wide.  The wheels are inset about a foot so the whole thing will work on a 12 foot track.  There will be plenty of air flow but I will save a fair amount of money.  Probably a good $35 on materials.  And, less snow and rain will get in keeping it drier.

Froze up 34 cobbettes of corn.  Cooked up plenty of wax beans for Michael's lunches.  Got the kitchen cleaned up.  Got a new table cloth on the dining room table.  Got the animals fed.  Finally, a shower, pizza and a movie.  Yeah, I'm tired.  I'll be going to bed shortly.

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