Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Notable Quotable

Andrea, I really appreciated your story.  Why is it that even a being of total love isn't satisfying?  Because it isn't real.  Some of us just aren't able to live in magic land.  This earth is our home.  Our real home.  We sense it when we walk through an open desert with it's naked geology or through a forest with it's trees surrounding us or when we cross a meadow of grass and flowers.  We sense it when we see a deer or a hummingbird or one of the other amazing life forms that share our little world here in space.  We feel the awe of living in a world that has a sun that returns us to the wonderful daylight and then says good bye each night on  a regular basis.  We feel the awe of looking into the night sky and seeing the stars above us.  We are very much a part of this world.

Christianity has replaced that with the next life and a spirit world.  No matter how much sugar you sprinkle on that, you cannot divorce yourself from this world and still be a whole person.  No matter how often you are told that you are special because you live with one foot in magic land, it cannot be satisfying to those who are trying to be connected to themselves, their fellow human beings and this world.  Being connected to this world is real.

Being connected to the next world and living for that is crapola.   Put all the sugar you want to on that cow patty and it still doesn't become edible.  You saw the message for what it was.  An attempt to allow yourself to feel superior and to keep you separate from your fellow travelers.  Good for you.

by Renoliz

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  1. Hi Renoliz,

    I would like for you to inform the guys at EX-Christian that I have been blocked and they did not have the decency to inform anyone, for I cannot reply even if I want to.

    Be Blessed,
    The Redeemer Lives!