Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Improvement

Today was a BIG day for working on the shed and shade cover.  I got 2 facia boards on the end of the rafters.  I got one corner facia boards put on.  I got 6 seams covered in the back.  I got the last seam covered on the south end.  I got  the top seam covered on the north end.  I got a  bunch of the seam covered boards ripped from a piece of OSB.  I got the second to the last piece of the roof on.

The one piece of roofing I have left is a bit tricky but I will have to see what I can do about it.

I got most of the bottom trim work done.  I used 2x4's since the 1x4's actually cost more that the 2x4's.  A piece of solid wood at the bottom will help keep the string board skin from soaking up water this winter.  It seems to be working on the greenhouse.

I have to get some more screws in on all that facia trim work.  I also have to get the underside of the eaves filled in.  I need to clean out the shed a bit and put in a couple of more shelves.  The neighbor girl is coming tomorrow and I am definitely putting her to work.  I also have to get some cement in under the west side where the wind is trying to dig out a huge trench and expose the posts in cement.

Caulking, foam crack filling, tarring the roof and base coating and painting the units will still have to be done as well.  Geez, this is such a big project.  At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Oh yeah, I also have to get the lattice walls framed and the lattice up.  Goal, September 30th.  I can do this.

Picked from the second batch of corn today.  

Watered the Front Zone for 3 hours.  Watering and fertilizing the West Side Wind break tonight.

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