Thursday, August 4, 2011


Another few days and it will be my birthday.  I am getting another year older and I am not sure that I am happy about that.  On the other hand,  it isn't all bad since the alternative is death:)  I have so much left to accomplish that I am certainly not ready to go into the dark night.

The reason I am bringing this up today is that I have to go to the DMV to renew my license.  Of course, while I am in town I will also need to go to Home Depot and Costco.  Fortunately, I just need to get a few things and I will be on my way home.  Maybe I'll go to Taco Bell for lunch.  Looks like it will be pretty hot today so maybe I will go ahead and get moving.

The days are already getting just a bit shorter.  We are already sliding towards fall.  But today will be hot anyway.

The hummingbird is hanging out at the feeder.  The orioles have already been in to get a sip of sugar water.  The cosmos are looking fantastic but the zinnias are still on the edge of blooming.  Hope they start soon.  The blanket flowers and the prairie coneflowers are just about done and I need the flowers for my hummers.

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