Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Garden and Shed Building

Looks like the NOrthSide Windbreak is scheduled for over night watering.

I am watering the Front Zone for 4 hours today.

Picked patty pans, yellow crook necks, zuchinni, my first three cukes, one tomato that is finally ripe, a lot of purple beans, quite a few wax beans.  I also dug up some volunteer potatoes.  One was Russets and one what white rose.  Gave away all the summer squashes, all the potatoes.

Cooked the wax beans for Hubby's lunches today and tomorrow.  Also cooked some of the purple beans, added some wax beans and bacon and butter and almond slices.  They were a big hit with the ladies.  Cooked 5 ears of corn and froze 4 ears for the winter.  Picked 10 more to freeze this evening.

Gave the goats some antelope slat bush, poplars, corn stalks, purple beans, corn husks and a bit of alfalfa I cut from the garden for this evenings feed.  I'll do the same tomorrow morning before going to clean the house for my client.

I am all loaded up with cleaning supplies and the vacuum and bags of towels so I am ready to go in the morning.

I managed to work on the shed just a bit today.  I got one of the corners topped.  It will still need some caulking plus I didn't screw it all down just two screws each side in case any changes need to be made.  At least I made a bit of progress.

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