Monday, August 22, 2011

Home Improvement

Pulled non producing bean and pea plants for the goats.  Through in some alfalfa I have been cutting back.  [There are alfalfa plants in the yard and they have pretty purple flowers that the bees love].  They also got a couple of over sized patty pans and some beans.   A few stalks of sunflowers and some Jerusalem artichoke stalks [those are prairie sunflowers and you eat the roots.]

I spent several hours finishing the roofing on the shade hut.  I got all the foam sealant in the cracks.  I am ready to tar the roof and close to being ready to paint!  Yeah.   I still have to work on concrete.  Boo.

Well, I lost my mind and went out there and worked on that shed some more.  I got the first batch of concrete in below where the lattice goes.  Three more bags ought to finish that up.  I slapped white paint on the south end and all the studs for framing in the lattice.  I got the grey primer on the trim for painting the dark teal trim color this morning.  If I can get enough done we can get the hay moved in to one side.  Ten percent chance of rain today and tomorrow so I am hoping to get this area done!  I am so sore and tired but I will try.

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