Monday, August 1, 2011

House Cleaning

I cleaned so much today that I am half dead.

Watering and fertilizing the West Side Windbreak overnight.

The neighbor girl cam e to the house and helped me clean for four hours.  She did good considering her age and she was a big help.  I am having her come back again tomorrow.   Hopefully the whole house will be done by then.  I might need to clean on Wednesday as well.

What did we accomplish?  We vacuumed all the window tracks and washed all the windows inside and out.

We cleaned the fan and light globes in the guest bedroom and got the globes and bulbs back into the fixture.  We moved the bed out of the way and vacuumed under the bed and around all the edges of the room as well as under the dresser and around the guitar amps.  We wiped down the walls and got rid of the cobwebs.  Wiped off/dusted the shelving and dresser.  Wiped the high traffic areas and doors.  Gave it all a thorough vacuuming.  Put the bed back together with the frame facing in the right direction.  It was backwards.  Made the bed with nice clean sheets and freshly washed blankets and a bedspread to keep the dirt off.

We got all the light globes down all around the house.  I washed them up this evening and they are ready to be put back up tomorrow.  We got all the curtains taken down from all the rooms in the house. We washed the large red drapes for the bedroom and got them hung out as well as the kitchen curtains. I washed the den, living room, dining room and office curtains this evening.  All the curtains and table scarves and such  are ready to go back into place tomorrow.

There is a lot left to do tomorrow but the other rooms should go  a lot faster since they have been sort of cleaned more often than the guest room.  Also, I have already gotten some parts of the living room dining room cleaned.  I also am not too worried about the kitchen since I clean that a lot and it gets wiped down everyday.  I already cleaned the kitchen doo dads, pots and pans above the cabinets and the bowls and canisters on the shelf by the back door so it mostly needs to be swept and mopped.

I have washed all the houseplants over the last few days.  Gave a number of them a trimming. They are ready to  go back into place.

I took an aspirin for breakfast, lunch, snack time and dinner and will probably need one more for bedtime.  I hope I survive one more day of big cleaning.

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