Friday, August 12, 2011


Too tired to say much.

Picked two small bowls of strawberries this morning for dessert this evening.  Nothing tastes as good as home grown, fresh strawberries with whip cream on them.

Picked tons of filet beans.  Delicious.  Gave some away.  Picked 10 or 12 corn.  Gave it away.  Lots left and the next batch is already getting ripe.   Must freeze more corn tomorrow and eat a lot too:)

I got 4 tomatoes, a cuke, 2 Asian cukes and  several zukes today.  That garden is one big producer!

Watering the West Side Windbreak over night.

Watered Front Zone for 3 hours.

Cleaned a house today and then got some rocks on the way  to cement in behind the long shed.  Trying to stretch my dollars spent on cement.  I also managed to clean up the kitchen and get my cleaning gear put away but I am all done in.  I sure hope I feel better by tomorrow since I only have Hubby's help  for one day on the shade cover roof.

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