Friday, August 26, 2011


It's a bit hot for the last couple of days.  96 or so.

 I guess I was too tired to post yesterday.  I got 2 loads of laundry on the line, then went to Dayton to  clean a house.  Met Hubby on his way to work for a date over coffee.  I love that man. Home, take down laundry and a long nap on the couch.  Got up about 5pm.  Pulled bean and pea and corn plants for the goats to eat with a bonus of a bin of tumbleweeds from the front of the house.  Put away the clothes and got caught up on the kitchen.  Then, my favorite show Project Runway.  I was in bed by 10pm.

No offense to the fashionistas that run the show but... the winning outfit was that nightmare gray baggy outfit?  Geez.  I realize you had slim pickings from that batch of stuff but wow that outfit was butt ugly.  And then to pick the long dress.  Is there anyone who is fashion forward on the show this year?  So far I am not seeing it.  Maybe Anya is the closest.  Oliver is boring, not tasteful.  Bert is full of himself and is okay.  Let's hope the next show will allow these people to step it up!!!!

Watered East Side Windbreak overnight.

Fruit Tree Zone tonight.

Watering Front  Zone for 3 hours.

The clouds are building and it looks like we may get lucky and get a thunderstorm out of this.  I have opened the living room window shutter just in case.

Today I got two loads of clothes on the line.  Got the laundry going with a load of greens followed by a load of towels. Got them both hung out before leaving. Tonight I have to wash cleaning towels and a load of whites.  They will both be going in the dryer.  I am all for hanging out clothes  but the whites have like 20 pairs of socks and assorted other small items.  Way too much hanging out on the line.  I don't hang out the cleaning towels since the dryer does a much better job of getting any dog hair out of them.  Yes, I have dogs and so does all 3 of my clients.

I will clean the kitchen tonight.  We had corn with lunch.  This is our third batch and it is delicious.  This batch has smaller ears but what a joy to have corn for something like 6 weeks this year.  By the way, we had a sun jewel melon volunteer and we have gotten 5 melons off of it.  Delicious.  Very refreshing when it is hot out.  Looks like one of the Lilly Crenshaws is turning yellow.  Those are absolutely my favorite melon that we grow!!!!!  The rest of the melons are coming along nicely.

So far I only have about 5 Butternuts but the acorns are looking pretty good.  I'll have to take a look tomorrow while it is cool out.

Picked cukes, Asian cukes, tomatoes and 4 corn.  Not bad.  I should pick filet beans but they will have to wait until tomorrow morning.  I need to get an early start with this kind of heat coming on.

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