Saturday, August 13, 2011


Oh boy, Hubby helped me bunches today on the shade cover area.  He got the three 4x8 OSB up and he put the screws in for me.  He also cut the rafters to the right length.  It was great.  He has one more set of rafters to cut to the right length on the long shed and he is pretty much done helping me.  I won't say no if he volunteers for more, I suppose:)  I was so tired I was practically drooling but I hung in there since I only get his help once a week lately because of his work schedule.

We had more of those delicious filet beans I love so much for dinner along with the mini cobs from picking corn today.  The good looking corn was blanched, cut off the cob and frozen into 8 sacks of Chinese stir fry sized bags and 2 bags of dinner for two sized.

Big day tomorrow.  Hope I am up for it.  Need to pick a lot of stuff and freeze it and need to work on the shed. Hubby has agreed to do the cooking when he gets home.

Watering and lightly fertilizing the North Side Windbreak.

Fertilized the veggie garden this morning.

All of this and I got the laundry done and the kitchen cleaned up twice.  No wonder I am tired.  I am taking the rest of the night off.   Heading for the shower.  Good night.

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