Monday, August 8, 2011


HOw does my garden grow?  Very well, thank you.  Today's loot was incredible.  A huge bowl of Itanlian beans.  4 medium zukes.  One nice sized bowl of wax beans for Hubby's lunch.  Enough Chinese pea pods to make two bags for winter stir frying.  Of course, those will be mixed with bags of beans, corn, bok choi etc. to produce a nice mix.  I froze about half of the Italian beans into small Chinese stir fry sized bags.

I am giving the other half to my friend, Barb along with the zukes.  I still have patty pans and yellow crooknecks so I need to unload the zukes.

I didn't pick strawberries and I didn't get a couple of other items looked at but, hey, there's always tomorrow.  This evening I am going to work on the shed.

Okay, I got a little bit done on the shed after taking a long nap on the couch.  I got about 13 Simpsons clips into the rafters and about 12 screws into the roof.  Tomorrow is another day and I will try really hard to get some more work done out there starting in the morning.

Watering the Fruit Tree Zone overnight.

Watered the Front Zone for three hours.

Looks like one of my pine trees that I put in this spring in the row behind the white fence is dead.  It looks like it isn't getting watered.  I will have to see what is going on with that tomorrow.

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