Monday, August 29, 2011

Home Improvement

I got a really early start on my shade cover project.  Even so, I have only managed to frame in the lattice/pony walls on the North  and East sides.

The North side was tricky as it is really a bit off set.  I got the top working okay.  [It ain't pretty but it is working.]  Then two more horizontals. The bottom horizontal was also a bit of a challenge since I had to chip out some of the concrete around the post to get that working properly.

 I'll have to cut the OSB on a pretty good angle at the bottom since the post on the right  side  is higher than the post for the shed on the left  side despit my concrete chipping efforts.  That is actually okay.

The verticals on the North side were also a bit of a challenge.    I had to put a cheat piece in on each side of the opening and then put my two verticals in as well.  All of the verticals had to get cut at an eight degree angle on the top.

I also got the 3 horizontal pieces in on The East side for the lattice/pony wall.  The 2 verticals on the top half went  fast.

Lunch time!  Then I am getting Hubby off to work and taking a nap!!!!

If I can handle it I am going to paint the new framework later.

I did manage to paint the framework - twice.  I still have to hit it with the green trim paint on the front side only but I am just thrilled.  Tomorrow I will be putting up the lattice on the top and the OSB string board on the pony walls at the bottom.

I am definitely going to be dong a rolling barn door on the East side section I left open just for that purpose.  The door will be 8 feet by 8 feet.  Hubby will have to build it since that is definitely out of my league.  I bought the 2x6 header board and the 2 OSB string boards and I may have enough 2x4's.  If not I will have to purchase them when I go shopping on Wednesday.   I think I will get some 1x4's to use for the top side.  Maybe a nice X of Z or something.  Of course, the theme around here is white with dark green trim.

I finally did the dishes and cleaned up the counters this evening.  I also managed to get a little gardening done.  I am trimming the locusts [black and purple robe] as one of them split.  If they get too much leafy growth when the wind comes up it can damage them.  One of the black locusts did get very damaged even though it is only 2 or 3 feet tall.  It was the bushiest of all of the and I had been meaning to cut it back a bit but too late:)  It will be fine.  They are pretty tough.  I cut it back to a stubbie and it will grow from there.

I also manages to trim back some of the yarrow and the four o'clocks as they are finished blooming.  I'll need to rake it all up and get it in the compost pile.  I need to get the comost pile on the drip system so that it can start working better.

Watering the Fruit Tree Zone overnight.

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