Thursday, August 4, 2011


Boy did I shop today.  Found some pillows at Costco.  They are a whopping $30 for two memory foam core pillows.  We have been complaining about our pillows for quite some time.  I bought new ones a while back and we are still complaining so I decided to go ahead and try  these.  Took a nap on the couch with one of them and I must say I was quite happy.  We'll see how I feel after tonight.

I found some lamps on sale at Home Depot.  A tall tourchiere, a medium sized reading and a small table  lamp.  $30 for the set.  I have been wanting some lighting behind the couch in the den for some time.  As well, the old side table with lamp attached has become quite rickety.  I took the old attached lamp part off and set the medium sized reading lamp on the table top.  Le's see how long it takes for it to get knocked over.

While I was at Home Depot I got the 13 - 2x4's, 22 rafter brackets, large box of 1 5/8 screws [yes, that was $27, but I can't hammer worth a darn and I have roofing to put on] and small box of 2 1/2 " screws.

I bought those space bags you suck all the air out of.  I am hoping to squeeze the winter down under quilt and some of the extra blankets into a smaller space.  Hope it works.

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