Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home Improvement

Yes, the shade cover/shed project is still on going.  Today I successfully cut and installed  3 of the stringboard panels in the pony walls.  They are 48 inches tall and about 80 inches long.  I have one left to go but it is a trickier cut and I need to set up for it.  It will also be about 80 inches long but I may have to cut the bottom at an angle.  Of course, if the panel is already at 48 inches and there is no way to add the angle on the bottom then I will just have to live with having a gap there.  I can fill it in at a later with rocks.  It will be fine.

I also managed to paint the 3 panels white, front and back.

That is it.  That is all I got done.  I worked really hard and that is it.  I know I did a lot considering that I am a middle aged woman doing this on her own but how discouraging that I didn't get everything I wanted to done.

I must say that the project is looking fantastic.!  I need to paint the trim green so that the full magnificence of the project shows.  But first I need to paint a second coat of the white and I need to get a paintbrush on the edges.

Thank goodness it is dark out so I can quit!!!!!

Tomorrow I go to town to get a few things.  Mostly it is a good excuse to rest up.  The shade cover/shed is on hold until Friday.

Watering the West Side Windbreak.  Watered Front Zone for 3 hours.

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