Sunday, August 14, 2011


Picked several large bunches of Bok Choi. A huge basket of garden peas.  A couple of corns.  A number of yellow crooknecks and one patty pan and two zukes.  Also a small bowl of strawberries.

Fertilized the Front Zone, the Back Zone and the East Windbreak.

Found some string board pieces in the shed.  Managed to get a couple of nice facia boards for the shed cut and put up.  I also manages to cut the last piece of the roof for the backs side of the shade cover it was 12 inches at the top and 20 inches at the bottom. That is a pretty wonky shape but now that it is up I don't think you'll notice it a bit.

I heard it would be 30MPH winds and about an hour ago it started roaring.  Looks like it will be windy tomorrow as well so I may go grocery shopping.  I need  a few things at Home Depot, as well.  I need to check how much paint I have.  I'm going to need to see how much base coat, too.

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