Monday, August 22, 2011

Home Improvement

I actually take an inordinate amount of satisfaction with doing it myself.  I am about to finish up a large shed with a large lattice sided shade cover to go with the greenhouse.  And, with some help from Hubby on the big stuff, I did it all myself.  I am proud as a peacock!!!  No need to praise the Lard.  I earned the money cleaning houses.  I designed the layout.  [It is long and narrow so that it is a windbreak for the veggie garden and you can reach all the tools without stepping over stuff.]   I decided on and bought the materials. I scrounged up free materials like paint and string boards.  I used the drill and the tape measure and the circular saw.  I kept going even though it has taken a full year.  ME with no help from a magical sky god.

If you ever visit I will point out the wind fence that I built.  The vinyl picket fence that I traded for so it was free that I designed the layout for and put in.  The wooden pathway in the front garden with the nice flowers and cute trees.  The greenhouse.  The lattice and fencing around the covered patio that I got native rock for and paved.  [I have had a bit of help from Hubby on the heavy stuff but I was the one that got it all done!]  

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