Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Improvement

The shed is coming along very nicely.  I am quite pleased with my results.  I have painted the trim green today.  I finished the concrete under the lattice.  The wind is so bad here that it scours a trough along any wall that we put up so the concrete will keep the trough from forming.  Hope that works.  I am pretty sure it will.

I finished framing one half of the front lattice area and it is all painted.  I am have a technical problem at the top.  I don't know if I like my solution so I may change it up tomorrow.  It will mean I have to use an extra a 2x4 but might be worth the money and effort.

I picked a lot of wax beans.  Quite a few cukes and Asian cukes, tomatoes, corn.  I am working on blanching and freezing right now.  Nice night.  I may have to go out and enjoy the sunset while the water comes to a boil.

Watered back area for 3 hours.  Watering front briefly to make sure the pots don't dry out.  Then, watering the West Side Windbreak overnight.

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