Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Home Improvement

No post yesterday as I was so busy picking produce, making 8 loaves of banana bread [got the freezer cleaned out of that huge pile of black bananas!], working on the shed.

Well, today and yesterday were huge in shed and shade cover building..  My junior high girl, M, showed up on time and, well, the first day, not quite ready to work.  I let her know that she could go home and I would finish the project without her help.  I completely understood if she was tired.  So, she perked it up to a better level and we did three hours yesterday.  Another three hours today.

We got two huge shelves done.  They are 48 x 50 inches.  They are basically two shelves wide.  They do add to the structural integrity of the shed and should give me plenty of room to store things.

Yesterday, while M cleared out the shed and raked up all the newspapers that had blown in there from the compost pile, I got most of the rest of the seam trim boards done.  Then we swung into high gear gathering 2x4's and cutting them for the shelves.  We finished off the last of the trim boards along the ends of the back rafters as well.

Today we built the shelves, installed the boards on top of the shelves.  We cut the facia boards for underneath the rafters and M did all the drill work on putting in the screws.  Wonderful!!!  I cleaned up a bit while she finished her part of the project.  Done!  M got paid, I ate the lunch Hubby made for us, got him out the door and I collapsed on the couch.

That was 10 2x4's installed.  7 facia pieces.  6 large boards cut for the shelving.  Beautiful!

I don't ordinarily pay out my hard earned dollars for help but she is a nice kid and I didn't have to haul and drill and screw until my arms hurt.  It was worth my $30.  She was good about carrying wood and about moving ladders for me.  Both hard jobs when you are already tired.  The facia would have been next to impossible without one person to hold it in place and another person to get a couple of screws in.  The shelving went pretty fast with M holding the 2x4's and watching the bubble for level and me screwing in the pieces.

I also picked a huge basket of waxed beans before M got here.  Hubby cooked some for lunch and I took the rest down to my friend on Caribou.  She will enjoy them.

Watering the front zone this evening for 3 hours.  Watering the East Side windbreak overnight.

Hubby made lunch for me.  I was so happy not to have to do his work lunch and our lunch!

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