Saturday, August 27, 2011

Home Improvement

Well, I finished framing in the lattice area on the west side of the shade cover.  Painted the frame white and put on grey base coat for the front side of the frame. I got the lattice up on the west side of the shade cover.  A client gave me 12 pieces of 2x8 white lattice.  Beautiful!!!!  Love getting good materials for free.  I still need to buy and install the string board on the bottom two thirds and paint it white.

Got the long shed [ 20 or so feet long but only 6 feet wide.  That is a lot of storage!!!! Painted white on the back and side.  The front isn't done yet so no painting there.  Got some of  the trim work painted green.  Maybe half left to go.

It was cloudy so I tried to get a lot done and I succeeded:)

Watering the West Side windbreak overnight.

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