Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shopping and more!

Went shopping and got some new bath rugs and, of course, new towels to go with the new bath rugs.  The old rugs were totally falling apart after the last washing so it was time to make the effort.  I went around the aisles several times and starting thinking about what we have had in the past.  I thought "Way too tasteful"  Chocolate brown, light tan, sage green, mossy green - so this year I looked at blue!

So, I pick out the blue towels finally after rejecting yellow as too matching the yellow walls and orange as just going too far on a brighter color scheme.  Spring green intrigued me but in the end blue won.  So, I get a lovely shade of true blue, not too bright, and then I see a shower curtain.

Yes, our old shower curtain is, well, old.  Time to change it up.  So then I had to put back all my true blue towels and get the "teal silk" blue towels.  Believe me, there is no silk in them, that is just the name of the color.  Shopping is hard work!  No wonder I put this off for so long.  At least I didn't need new accessories like a trash can and a toothbrush holder.  I would have been there for another hour!

I couldn't resist the salad spinner at Costco.  Last week they were $18 and I thought "Have you lost your mind"!  This week they are $14 and I had to have one.  Go figure.  Hubby was thrilled since he had to dry the lettuce in a linen towel today.  I have been using paper towels.  It should be a great item for the kitchen.  Now I have to find a spot for it in the cabinets.  Should have though about that before I bought it since I haven't got a clue as to where I will find the room for it.

Hubby picked the bok choi for the stir fry since I was running late from my shopping.  I did manage to stop by and get two more bales of hay.  That is about all that will fit in my little Toyota truck.  So, I now have five and I want to have about 12 of them.  Have to pick some up every time I go by there for several weeks.

Today was a lot cooler in the mid eighties,   Nice!!!  Watering the West windbreak overnight tonight.

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