Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Picked zukes.  Got my first yellow crook necks, two small cuties.  Also my first patty pan.  More to come!

Got two more posts cemented in for the shed.

Thinking about my shed design.  I want to add another section in front so I will need 3 more 12 foot posts.  Four more 4x8 sheets of string board.  About 8 more 2 x4's for the roof and at least 3 more 2x4's to tie it all together and try to make it a sturdy box.  That's about $54 plus maybe two bags of concrete another $10.  I need to get some concrete on the back side to keep the wind from eating out the sand and exposing the shed posts at the bottom.   That will take quite a few bags so I'll have to pick up what I can when I go to town.

There is really quite a bit of work left to do to get that area straightened out.  I still need to do a better dog proof fence and I need to make a gate for the truck and trailer to go through.  I have to move the Jerusalem artichokes and get them some drip.  The asparagus is sucking so I have to make a new area for them and order some new plants.  I also want to make an area for the compost at the north end of the long shed so the wind will quit blowing it around the yard.  I want to get the compost onto the drip system.

Oh yeah, I need to tar and shingle the roof.  I am thinking about going cheap and just using tar paper and tar.  We will see.  I also need to seal the shed and get it primed and painted.

Anyway, just for today, I have gotten the posts in.  I am drawing up a sketch of the design so I have a pattern to follow.

Next, I need to go pick raspberries, strawberries, dewberries and black  berries.  May not be a lot ripe but I need to stay on top of that.

A mere handful of berries but I grew them myself!!! Looks like we sill have more berries in a week or so?!   Picked English garden peas.  Not a lot there either but enough for a treat with dinner.  Dinner is going to be delicious pork chops with fresh rosemary, ginger and mandarin orange juice juice.  Little S&P, for sure.  Zukes and patty pans fried up in olive oil with sweet peppers and onion with a bit of Parmesan cheese at the last minute.  That handful of peas I picked and shelled.  And a smoothies with strawberries, Tuscan melon and mandarin orange juice.

The mandarins were really sour so I am treating them like lemons.  Oh, I think some lemon bars for desert with those mandarin oragnes instead of lemons.  Hope that works out.

Fertilized veggie garden with VF11 in today's water cycle.  Will fertilize fruit trees/berries in tonight's overnight watering with Miracle Grow.

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