Thursday, July 14, 2011

Not Much Happening

This is one of those days when I haven't got much happening.  I got my cleaning job done and I met Hubby for coffee at the Starbucks.  Then off he went to work and I came home.  Didn't really do anything in the garden.  It is kind of nice to have the whole thing better organized.

Of course, I have been watering this evening and the morning and evening chores always have to get done.  Feed the goats.  Make sure the goats, the dogs and the pond all are up to snuff on their water.  Feed the doggies.  Make sure the front and back get a bit of water.  Thursday night means get the trash out and I have done that.

I was hoping to get this book I ordered to day but the UPS hasn't shown up.  Darn it.  It isn't really a secret but Hubby is off tomorrow and now he will know for a fact that I got another book.  And I haven't even actually gotten any birthday money from Mom and Dad yet.  Oh well, like I said it isn't a secret but sometimes you don't really want to make a grand announcement either:)

Got my new book Bruising Reed about a kid that grows up in a fundamentalist environment.

The weather is really nice maybe 84 degrees today and already cooling off fast as the sun goes down.  The Asiatic lilies are blooming.  I really must get some more of those.  Neon colors and very hardy.

Tonight the East side windbreak gets watered overnight.

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