Monday, July 11, 2011


Picled a huge basket of garden peas.  Huby and I shelled peas for a long time this morning.  Worth all the effort. We both has a large bowl of fresh green peas with a little salt and some butter.  Yummy!

It doesn't look like we will manage to freeze any of those garden peas this year.  It is such a treat to have the fresh produce.  You can't buy those green jewels in the store.  Nope, you have to grow them your self.

I picked a small zunchinni today.  I couldn't resist.  I put it in Hubby's work salad.  Of course there was delicious lettuces, home grown carrots in there as well.

I picked snap peas and blanched and froze them.  I still need to package them up for the winter.  Also, blanched Swiss chard and beet greens and still need to package them up for winter use.

I need to pick bok choi and blanch and freeze that tonight.  We'll save some for tomorrow's stir fry.  Chicken, bok choi, carrots, a sweet pepper [bought those], onions and maybe some zukes.  Should be delicious.  Told Hubby he needs to create a sauce for that.

Driving into town early to go grocery shopping.  At least I don't have to do mega shopping and I should be able to leave around 7:30am and get home around 11am.

Time to get out there and pull some weeds for the goats to eat.  I would throw hay since I feel tired but, hey, being lazy doesn't pay!

Watering the fruit tree zone overnight tonite.

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