Sunday, July 17, 2011


Well, did some weeding this morning and this evening.  Watered the fruit trees some more since I had my little watering snafu.

Did I mention that we got 8 lovely zukes yesterday.  Very exciting.  Today I picked three head of lettuce.  Need to get into the kitchen and get them prepped for Hubby's lunches tomorrow and the next day.  No beans yet but pretty soon.

Picked the first of the raspberries, dew berries and blackberries.  Totally cool.  We are going to have our best crop ever which isn't saying much since our other crops sucked!!!!  Looks like we have gap in our berries.  We need some yellow raspberries.  I might put those in the north windbreak.

Mostly finally worked on the house.  Cleaned the tub, the toilet, the sinks, washed the bathroom walls and the floor.  Vacuumed.  Did two loads of dishes.  I wasn't that far behind but then, suddenly, there were a lot of dishes in the sink.  Swept and mopped the kitchen floor.  Boy, did it need it.  Used some stainless steel cleaner on my nice big stainless steel kitchen sink.  I still love it.  Washed the kitchen rugs and hung them out.  In fact, need to bring those in before it gets dark.

Also, I would like to see about some rads and carrots for Hubby's salad tomorrow as well.  Off I go.

Watering North windbreak tonight.

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