Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Notable Quotable


Harry - What a detailed article!  Does the Lord advocate lying?  Yes, He does because the lies and the half truths spill from the pulpit in a steady stream.  I left Christianity and I had   this thought:  I thought church would be about truth and love and I found out it was about lies and Hell.

The whole basis of Christianity is lies. Sadly, I do not think you can ever build a truthful world view from a religion that is entirely based on lies. Fictionalized accounts of a glorious past as in the Old Testament and the almost complete fabrication that is the New Testament will never be the path to understanding who we are or our place in the Universe.Whatever small kernel of "truth" that is in the Bible is completely underwhelming given the book as an entirety. 

Did a guy named Jesus walk the earth? Debatable. Did he say anything wise? The Golden Rule is hardly original and is the only part of the book worth keeping. The rest of it should be shoved into the mythical writings of past eras section of our libraries.

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