Saturday, July 30, 2011


It looks like I watered the Front Zone overnight.  I forgot to turn it off and water the East Windbreak Zone.  So, I gave the Fruit Tree zone a booster and then went right to watering the East Windbreak Zone for 3 hours.  Then, at 11:30 it is time for the veggie garden to water for 3 hours so I will turn off the East Zone.  Probably will water again some more this afternoon.

I am using the Venturi system canister to fertilize the veggies.  I need to turn off the new seed lines and then turn them back on.  I better remember!!!!

Got a nice big bowl of Italian green beans, a medium sized bowl of French Fillet beans [my favorite].  I have Purple beans and Yellow Wax Beans still to pick but I moved on to working on the shed.   Got two post tops cut off.  Recharging the sawsall battery so I can chop off the last one.  Getting some blocks under the beams for extra support next.  Maybe I'll cut the lattice as well.

Need help but Hubby has a headache so I am out thre doing it all by myself.  Pooh!!!!

Also washing and hanging out all the bedding for the guest bed.  Carried out the dog kennel since we haven't used it since Penny Poo Poo was a puppy.  Just taking up space.  I will store it until we need it again.  Got the tables set up for using the saws out at the shed.  Go the dishwasher unloaded so the dirty dishes could go in right away.

Guess, I will get back to it.  It is almost 11am and it is going to start being really hot out there soon.

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