Sunday, July 24, 2011


Mid nineties today and looks like it will be approaching 100 degrees by the end of the week.  Argghhhh!!!

So, what's from the garden today?  The lettuce is starting to get bitter but I did manage to get a couple of heads of lettuce.  I dug up the potato plant that had lots of tomato horn worms.  Turns out it is a Purple Potato.  Sliced them in thin slices and soaking them in salty water for fried potatoes.  Got a white onion for onion rings with tempura batter and I think I will do zukes as well.  Terriyaki chicken on the grill.  Finally, a nice smootie with cantaloupe, limes and strawberries.

I got an entire, incredible bowl of strawberries yesterday.

The garden is looking good.  I really need to get out there and plant some cauliflower and brocoli.  Maybe some more lettuce and some more rads and carrots.  This evening, I promise.

Did some weeding in the veggie garden this morning.

Got one post in for the shade cover by the long shed.  Good for me.  Also, got the laundry done.  Cleaned the top area of the china hutch.  Washed the plants and the tea cups.  Vacuumed behind it.  Got the wicker baskets cleaned.  Good for me.

Watering West Windbreak.

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