Thursday, July 28, 2011


I got a comment.  Thanks, Bruce.  This is the world's tiniest blog.  I can't seem to reply to comments directly so, since I don't get many comments, I usually reply in my posts.

Interesting that you had to water this year, Bruce.  We only average 6 inches of precipitation a year.  We live in what must be the driest part of the driest state in the union.  I water everyday.  The tree zones get watered in rotation, overnight, every fourth day.  I am giving them a two hour booster, every other day, since the raspberries and grapes and the new plants could use a bit more water.  I even water in the winter if it is warm enough.

Our veggie garden is currently about 125 feet by 50 or 60 feet.  It sounds big but Hubby loves to grow melons and we need  just a bit more room.  I am re-doing the garden.  I am carving 20 feet out of the south side and putting in a buffalo berry hedge and a walkway on the south side.  Every spring the winds are a nightmare.  I cannot keep floating row covers on and I could get a nicer start in the spring with the row covers.  My broccoli and cauliflower are greatly affected and I rarely get any.

The new version will have a 10 foot wide pathway all the way around it and a 10 foot pathway right across the middle in an east/west direction.  That way I can easily maneuver a wheel barrow or a wagon through there.  Then, there will be two sets of 40 foot rows instead of the one set 50 to sixty foot rows we have now.

I have designed it so that we can drive the big old Chevy four wheel drive truck into it and off load manure and what have you directly into the garden. We started with pure sand but the garden soil is really improving. We have been adding goat O's and straw from the goat pen and manure from some of the neighbor's horses.  The garden is officially 5 years old.

I have a new Venturi system canister so that I can put liquid fertilizer directly into the drip system.  Nice!!  Saves me a ton of work.  The veggie garden is on T-tape.  The water comes out every 6 inches from slits in the irrigation tubing.  Very efficient way to water.

I put in some winter rye a couple of years ago and I might do that again this year, especially since the new side needs lots of organic matter to help it be productive.

Time to get busy.  This time of the year I trim the shrub poplars a little at a time and throw the branches to the goats.  They love it!  No weeding today.  They will get some hay with that.  Hubby needs to call the hay guy and see if we can get 10 more bales.

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  1. When all the kids were young we had a much larger now. We now have 2 garden patches12 by 25 and 10 by 12. One is fenced due to wildlife problems .we gave up on corn due to coons cleaning us out 4 years in a row. Last week turned back light on and found 4 coons eating fat drippings off the grill. We have gardened for almost 30 years. Love doing it.