Sunday, July 31, 2011


I am a pet owner.  Many years a go I had a large Umbrella Cockatoo named Sophia and a cute little cockatiel named Cleo.   The big bird would fall asleep with one foot tucked up, as birds do, and the little bird would sidle up to it and bite it on its upraised foot.  Then, Sophia would be startled and wake up.  One day,  Sophia  was on her perch with little Cleo.  As I watched, Sophia closed her eye to just the tiniest slit.  Little Cleo sidled up to the large bird, a little at a time, just like normal.  Finally, Cleo reached over to bite Sophia's upraised foot.  At the last moment, Sophia moved her foot just out of range of the little bird, opened her eyes wide and said "Gotcha!".  I thought that was amazing.  The cockatoo had just pulled a joke on the little bird.

Over time I have noticed that many animals have an ability not only to think but to solve problems, compare fairness as in "he got the bigger bone or better food than I did", and even play jokes on one another.  I never did figure out how some moron decided that animals din't think or couldn't feel.  They certainly do.  They just do it in their own way according to their own priorities.

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