Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Picked pea pods and snap peas.  Only got a few but that will give us some for our home lunch salads and Hubby's work lunch.  Three kinds of lettuce make that four plus pea pods, home grown carrots, store bought sweet peppers and my first teensy tinsey little zuchinni.  Fun!

Bean plants should start producing in another week.  Potatoes are putting up flowers and that means I can start digging up little potatoes soon.  If you are careful you can dig in from the side and leave the plant unharmed for more potato production. The melons are taking their time getting off the ground but some of them are starting to grow faster.

Watering for three hours from 11:30am to 2:30pm.  Seems to be working out well.

Hung a couple of loads of laundry out on the line again today.  Looks like I am done with that chore until next week.

Fertilizing the front three zones.  That would be front, back and East Side windbreak.

Fertilized with VF11 all zones.

Really cloudy.  We have been threatened with a mega thunderstorm but so far, nothing.  Doesn't surprise me.  That is why we live in one of the driest places around.

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