Sunday, July 31, 2011


9am -  It is time for a coffee break.  I am having Cafe Verona.

The ground is lovely and moist from that wonderful rain we got yesterday.  Makes me long to live somewhere cool and green like where I was born, Seattle.

 I have picked the yellow wax beans and the purple Italian beans.  They are right next to each other so I picked both at once.  Did a bit of weeding along the way.  I also got one medium large zuchinni.  There are some nice patty pans and yellow crook necks coming on but I need to wait another day or two for those.

Next, I need to go pick strawberries and I need to check the raspberry/blackberry/dewberry patch.  They are in opposite directions so I guess I will start with the strawberries in the back garden and move on to the berry patch in the front.

There is a chance of thunderstorms again today so I will need to get a lot done this morning.  I wish it would rain again.

1:30pm - Looks like the rain is coming in.  Hope it makes it all the way to our house.  Took the last two loads of clothes off the line and will finish them in the dryer.  I did a great job on getting the rafters straightened out on the back side of the shed.  They weren't spaced right and Hubby told me how to fix it.

Got the strawberries picked.  The birds must be eating my raspberries and black berries.  Lots of little ones and then they all dissappear before they get ripe.  WTF?!  I'll have to work on getting netting up next year.

Wow!  What a thunder storm that was.  It rained like a fire hose was directed at the front windows.  Just enough thunder and lightning for effect.  Little Penny Poo Poo is none too happy about the thunder.  The weather has cooled down to below 70.  I think I will put some pants on and a bunch of DEET and go outside.

Got the last 4 rafters cut and up.

Watering and fertilizing the Fruit Tree Zone overnight tonight.

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