Thursday, July 28, 2011


Bruce comments again:)

When all the kids were young we had a much larger now. We now have 2 garden patches12 by 25 and 10 by 12. One is fenced due to wildlife problems .we gave up on corn due to coons cleaning us out 4 years in a row. Last week turned back light on and found 4 coons eating fat drippings off the grill. We have gardened for almost 30 years. Love doing it. 

By the way, Bruce operates a website called Fallen from Grace

He. like myself, has given up on Christianity and, in the end, has decided there is no evidence for god[s].  We call that being an atheist.  Don't worry, it isn't as scary as it sounds.  Most of us are pretty nice people.

Gardening is certainly my passion although I picked a pretty crappy place to garden in.  Still, I am doing a pretty good job of it, if I do say so myself.  Sounds like you made the right move on the corn, Bruce.  In your area I bet you can buy it fresh and local.  In my area, you can't hardly buy anything that is fresh and local.  I so enjoy real food straight from my garden.

We have no deer or raccoons.  We live a couple of miles from the Carson river.  There isn't much wildlife around here.  We do have packs of coyotes and we know there is an very occasional mountain lion.

Our biggest problems are gophers.  Hubby is trapping one in the veggie garden right now.  We have gotten about 10 of them from the five acres this year.  Bunnies are a small problem.  We fenced the whole five acres with 2x4 inch woven wire and that has kept out most of the jack rabbits and cotton tails.  The dogs probably put a good fright into any that do get in.  The cat seems to have gotten 3 or 4 rabbits this year.  He drags them into the garage through his cat door.  I'm impressed while at the same time kind of grossed out.

Mice, kangaroo rats and kangaroo mice seem a bit much this year.  We had to put traps in two of the sheds.  Never had to do that before.

We rarely see a snake and if we do it is a bull snake.  I call them gopher snakes.  Not poisonous.  It is possible that a rattler could be in the yard but we have yet to see one around here.  Don't put your hand under anything or into the shrubs without looking first is always a good idea this time of year.

My nemesis are the Antelope Ground Squirrels. They look sort of like chipmunks. They love anything with seeds.  Tomatoes, cantaloupes, cherries are all fair game.  I have taken to trapping them to keep the numbers down.  Looks like the cat is outdoing me.  He has brought me 4 or 5 of them and I have caught about 3.

Whenever I want to complain about the weather I try to be grateful that I am not dealing with ticks, chiggers, deer and raccoons.  Thanks for reminding me, Bruce.

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