Saturday, July 9, 2011


Well, this year I am stocking up on hay early.  Hubby called around and found us some hay for $6.50 per bale and the going rate right now is $13.50 per bale.  I am hoping the price will go down a little more but I think the best we could do is $12 per bale.

The bales are the three string bales and weigh about 115 pounds each.  We managed to get 11 in the trailer and three in the back of the old Chevy pick up truck.  The reason the price is low is because there are quite a few weeds in them and there are some fox tails.  That would be mostly cheat grass fox tails.  Our three goats are used to eating weeds [that is what they do all spring and summer] so we don't think it will be an issue.  Richard says he feeds it to his goats and they are doing fine.  Sure enough when we got there he had goats running around.  The goats eat at least 2 bales a month for much of the year so I would prefer to have 4-6 more to get us through until next July when they will be cutting hay again.

Watering overnight tonight is the north zone.

Weather a bit cooler, 92 degrees and windy this afternoon.

Yesterday we got two bales of straw on the way home from Dayton.  We met at Starbucks for coffee and Hubby went to the parts store and recycled the oil.  I went to Smiths and got a few groceries.  Also went to the bank.

That evening we did something we haven't done much in the past.  We went to a live concert downtown Carson City.  It was a blast!!!  Now that Hubby is working swing instead of graveyard we are able to do something like that.  The weather was warm and just a little breeze and the sun was going down in the west.  We were people watching and enjoying the band.  Some blues, some rock and a good guitarist and a good keyboard player.  Fun.

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