Friday, July 1, 2011


Well, looks like it will be turning quite hot tomorrow.  Today was 88 degrees and it wasn't as hot feeling as I thought it would be.  I weeded three row in the garden.  If I get to feeling ambitious I will put on some repel and go out at dusk and do a little more.

The holiday weekend is upon us.  I think we will stick around and hopefully get stuff done around here until it gets too hot out and then we will come inside and make really good food.

Hubby is going to make noodles from scratch and I am going to make an alfredo sauce with shrimp and peas, garlic and organo, maybe some basil, maybe some bacon.  We shall see. That will be on Saturday.

Sunday, if the turkey is thawed out enough, Hubby will be doing a turkey on the BBQ.  This will probably be an all day event so I am thinking burgers for lunch.  Got some avocados for chips and cheese and dipping in the guacomole.  Of coure, avocado is good on a burger with some cheese and bacon, as well.  Do we weigh 400 pounds.  No, and Hubby is losing weight again lately.  So am I but in a much smaller fashion.  

On a weekend like this, however, you gotta eat tasty food.

I picked lettuce today and I pulled some carrots.  They look stunning!!!!!  They are up to 6 inches long and look just like real carrots and they taste good, too.  We also had snap peas. Just a few so I put those in our large salads as well.  Steak and giant salads along with a few blue tortilla chips and some guacamole.  Now that is some good eating.

Watering - Looks like it is time to water the east side again overnight.

I have a calcium supplement that I am going to use the drip feeder with and put on the veggie garden.   the calcium shouldn't hurt any of the veggie plants and this year I want tomatoes.  Hope it helps.

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