Thursday, July 21, 2011

Notable Quotable

Thanks, WS for your comment and I am saving this for the future.

It's amazing how much psychological damage sheer nonsense can do. As the inimitable renoliz put it, "... the thought that invisible beings are running our lives is absurd. It creates mental conditions in some people and exacerbates them in others."

I still stand by those words.  Look at the amazing stories from the people here at exC about how the hoary gory story of Jesus has been a terrible burden. 

I'm really glad every time someone has their life improved by dumping the sheer negativity that is Biblegod and putting Biblegod and his son in the trash like the dirty, filthy rags [or as Brother Sweet Old Guy says, used kotex]  that they are.  We aren't born bad and worthless and garbage - just human.

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