Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well, weeded to feed the goats but they were determined to have a bit of hay so I gave in.  They look quite content.  It is really nice today and I even have the windows in the back open already.  Supposed to be 82 degrees tomorrow.  That is so nice!!!!  Last year was weeks of too hot.

We had a delicious smoothie for lunch and tuna fillets with a nice sauce along with some asparagus and french bread with real garlic and a touch of butter.  Yep, I bought all of it shopping yesterday.  Once in awhile you just have to go for the gusto!

Watering the North windbreak overnight tonight.

Gotta go pick some bok choi and some lettuce.  I have a cleaning job tomorrow and I need to be organized to leave.  Hubby counts on me to make him a good lunch so I need to prep the salad tonight.  Might be some rads, zukes and carrots available as well.

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