Sunday, July 10, 2011


A much nicer day at 92 degrees and the garden is growing well.  My zukes are still really small but I may be able to pick them tomorrow.  Not much exciting happening today.  Of course, one does need abreak now and then.

I did a bit of weeding this morning and a little more this evening.  Keeping the weeds out of the yard for the past few years is paying off as I haven't had to do nearly as much weeding this year as in the past.

Hubby transplanted some of his melons.  Lets hope we have a good crop despite being a little behind due to weather.

Tomorrow I will kick butt and weed, pick peas and such.

I did trim the bottoms of the black locusts in the front area.  They are small but growing fast.  They are trying to sucker and also trying to be multi trunked.  I want a single trunk so I shaped them.  Dead headed the coreopsis and the blanket flowers and cut off the iris flower stems.  The iris are already done for this year.

Watering the East Windbreak over night tonite.

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