Sunday, January 1, 2017

Tanka and the saddle

Tanka - I kept it simple today. I took the saddle and blanket out to the round pen, set it up so he would lunge near the gear and brought him out.
I free lunged him to get his blood circulating but I kept it mellow and did a few transitions from walk to trot to turn and I threw in a canter on each side.
I worked with desensitizing from the whip which he is worried about.
I got the halter back on him and did a few turn fore, turn aft, turn walk out on the lead and circle.
I put the rope over a rail and touched him with the blanket and then put the blanket on him from both sides. I did the same with the saddle. I left the rope loose since I didn't want him to feel a bunch of pressure. That worked fine.
I decided following the scary saddle would be good so I led him in the round pen from both sides of his face with the saddle on my hip. I looked for small changes.
Hubby came out and I had him hold the lead while I put the blanket off and on. Then, the saddle off and on. Jiggled the saddle until he started to relax. Kept it short and sweet.
I think it went fine but it will take a few days of work for the whole incident of the saddle flying off him yesterday to be completely overcome.
I spent some time hanging out with Tanka and then we both decided it was time to go back to his pen to relax.
Happy New Year and here's to good horse training in 2017.

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