Sunday, January 8, 2017


It is terrible. It is raining cats and dogs and the horses don't want to get out of the rain especially Wiseguy who has an occasional dry cough. Wiseguy hates his blanket so I can't get him to wear it. The Pony and Wiseguy are eating in the rain. I think I will make Wiseguy get back in his shed
The ground is frozen so the rain has no where to go but is puddling up every where. I've never seen anything like this before in our 11 years of living here.

We live on a sand dune and it never floods like this in the pens. Wiseguy is getting thrush, I think, and he has a dry cough so I am concerned about all the standing water in the horse pen. Pony won't go into the stall without having a heart attack so he is on his own out there but I made Wiseguy go into his three sided shed which is at least dry for his feet. I hope your place will be okay.

The most incredible storm with at least 2 inches of rain here in Silver Springs.  It is still raining tonight.  The Truckee is overflowing in Reno.  The Carson River is full.

Road closures due to local flooding in Mark Twain, Carson City, Dayton.

Mudslide closed I-80 west of Truckee.

Craziest weather in a long time.  The snow has mostly melted but even with all the rain it has not managed to melt all the snow in our yard.

Should stay above freezing tonight.

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