Saturday, January 28, 2017

What am I grateful for in horses, asks one website? Here's my answer.

I'm grateful I found an on-line video course and group that allowed me the courage to get a big horse. I signed up for the group before I got my bigger horse. Although I love driving my mini, I thought about riding and thought maybe I was too old to learn or maybe too old to take a chance on getting hurt. And how would I go about getting a horse? You can't trust the people selling them:) When I saw Tanka online, I had some supportive people to turn to. After some discussion with the group and getting some more info on Tanka from the Kill Buyer, I talked to Hubby. I said, "Good feet, only 4 years old, gelded young, sweet attitude, love the look on his face in the photos, been saddled once but never ridden and a good size at 13.2 hands and a sturdy build...that is the kind of horse I would want." I told him to think about it since it was a big decision. Two hours later, he came back and said "Do it, buy the horse. Why should I stand in front of your dream of riding and stop you?" I would never have considered getting Tanka if I hadn't first worked on my horse skills within the online group. And, by the way, I have a farrier I love, who appreciates the work I do with my horses and supports me with his kind words.

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