Saturday, January 28, 2017

It was the best of training, it was the worst of training

Training Day with Tanka. It was the best of times [morning]. It was the worst of times [afternoon].
We had a great session of despooking with the bag on a whip in the morning. Played with the new horse toy. Walked to the big pen calmly and nicely.
Took him outside the yard in the afternoon. Nervous as a cat on hot tin roof! We went maybe a quarter of a mile. Finally got him home and worked in the round pen on respect. Which he didn't have any. Much better by the time we were done. Made him back way off for his special food and then for his hay.
Obviously I need to take this going outside the yard slower. Tomorrow, we will open the gate, go to the street, work a bit and then turn around and come back in the yard:)

For the morning session with Tanka, I had him follow the bag out to the big pen. I worked to get him to accept the bag by his side but not too near him. He touched it a number of times with his nose but now I want him to relax with the bag beside him [not real close] I just wanted him to not turn away from the bag with his rear end. Which he did do pretty good. Watched for the small changes to take the pressure off.
Then, I took his halter off and just walked around the big pen with the bag waving and circling high and low and back and forth. Not asking anything from Tanka. Eventually I circled around him waving the bag but not close. He was curious and watching. Eventually I got closer. He did good I let the bag rest on the ground and took it away when he looked relaxed.
He actually cocked a leg a couple of times and licked his lips. He also looked curious instead of worried sometimes. It's a lot of work over a bag but I want him to be curious and not scared of things that move. I got a long ways towards that today.
I also put on some phone music and danced and jumped around some. Not on top of Tanka but a ways away. He was curious and not upset which is my goal. Yes, people move around and do funny things but they aren't trying to hurt you. Hubby and I did jumping jacks not too near him one day. He's starting to get it.
Of course, there was lots of rubbing down the neck and over the back and onto his butt and his tail head. I pulled his tail over and got a piece of brush out of it.
He got a new toy and I talked him into picking it up once.
I managed to get a photo of him rolling in the sand.
I am hoping to take him out the gate and down the quiet street later today if the wind doesn't come up.
Have I said this before....I love this horse.

Afternoon session with Tanka.
Yes, took him for a walk outside the fence. He was scared of the pig across the street. I managed to hang on to the lead and don't push the horse to go close. I circle Tanka around a couple of times while we are easing our way away from the pigs.
Constantly on the prod the whole time we are going down the dirt road which is the opposite way of the pigs. Looking, head high.
I made it to the side dirt track, went up a little ways, stopped and backed him. He's as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof.
I don't think it was all about the pigs either. He was watching at the neighbors place where there are no pigs but the neighbor was out there once.
He stopped and called loudly to his friends. Whomever they may be,
Got him turned around and back on the dirt road for home. Totally on the prod the whole way. Stopped to call to his friends two more times.
I did ask for some backs and some turn fore and did some circles.
He did play very cutely in the mud puddle going both ways.
it is now official. I'm probably the worst horse trainer in America!
Note to self - Why don't I just admit I'm a failure. Okay, lose the bad attitude, Liz .
Got him into the round pen, let him relax for a few minutes. Then, in I went and I asked, nay, commanded that Tanka walk, trot, canter. Kicking his heels up at the canter. Disrespectfully twisting butt towards me! Turn, repeat. Turn, repeat. We did that until he seemed ready to be respectful.
Halter on for some lead work as in back, turn fore, yield butt. Pick up foot.
Firm owner needs to show up at the party. I'll be rewatching the respect videos.
I'll probably work on leading him a very short ways out of the yard tomorrow since today was bit much but if I don't keep working on it, it isn't going to improve.

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