Monday, January 23, 2017

Tanka plays ball

Tanka Update - Sometimes you just gotta have fun instead of training. I left him in his pen today instead of taking out to the round pen.
The weather is bad.
I got the brush out and brushed Tanka.
Then I rubbed him all over and got up near his ears and even rubbed his face some. We relaxed together and he even turned towards me a few times like "You can do that again."
I pulled on his tail gently and rubbed his tail area and up under his tail some. He doesn't seem sensitive there which is good.
Asked to pick up a foot, front and back on one side.
I cleaned up the pen and then got the ball out.
He is learning to Touch the ball. That is the photo.
He also is learning Push the ball. He did pretty good at that once he figured out there was an occasional carrot involved.
He is learning Kick the ball. I think he starting to understand that one.
Also, Pick the ball Up. The ball cover is too big so I looped the extra up with a rubber band so there is sort of a handle to use.
He was adorable.
I've also wanted to get a picture of him smiling since he does that fairly often. So I finally got one today.

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