Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tanka does the farrier for the first time

Tanka did really good for the farrier. The farrier tried to pet him on his face but Tanka hated that and still got over it and did really good for the farrier.
I talked real soft to Tanka when he was getting a little upset and he calmed right down.
Tanka picked up all four feet and he managed to stretch his hind feet out back for the farrier.
Fortunately, the trim went pretty fast and the farrier did not push Tanka past his limits.
All the work of teaching him "Foot" paid off,
I love this horse.
Total cuteness when I put Tanka in the big pen this morning he whooped it up running and bucking and making me laugh. I wanted to make sure he was ready for the farrier to come. The other two little horses went into the round pen and they whooped it up too. My plan worked and the horses had burned off some energy before the trim:) Love when a plan comes together.

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